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Two years into an IT firm, Vikash Kumar now an MBA from International Management Institute, New Delhi and his partner Anupam Dutta, a software engineer and android programmer, had a thought: Rather than just helping their firm with innovative ideas and initiatives in telecom and mobile telephony, why not create one of such product under their own name? And so they took their first step in the much hyped Android Market. Other so-called hybrid agencies which already had many applications with screaming success gave these developers a new hope.

After a number of brainstorming sessions the duo picked up an area which was productive and still un-tapped. The solution that they had thought was to address the Metro transportation problem. The plan was to adopt an approach of increasing product line and product depth by taking one city at a time.

Thus on June 7, 2011 – ‘Tilzmatic Tech’ was founded and on June 28, 2011 – ‘Delhi Metro Navigator’ hit the android market addressing one and all issues about Delhi Metro and making it a more convenient experience.

The background story of this duo started when one fine day somewhere in early 2011 Anupam happened to buy his first android phone and over tea (read beer) told Vikash that he could make a ‘killer app’ for the phone. Vikash with his tantalising business sense straight away started thinking of a revenue earning model to maximize the benefits both for customers and the duo. The initial idea was to find something that will be insanely popular amongst the masses and that is where the Snake and Ladder in HD as an android app idea hit the team. But then the thought process evolved from pure, simple entertainment to something useful for the ‘mango’ people – the aam janta. Vikash being a regular metro traveller wanted to make the experience more convenient for all. The ever swelling metro line was an issue for all new and old commuters alike.

The Delhi Metro app by Tilzmatic Tech is a free android phone app working on the location based mobile application model. The creators did intensive research before launching the app. It serves an average routine metro commuter with possible all his needs and more. From routes between stations, where to interchange between lines, the fare involved and above all whether a parking space is available at a particular metro station or not along with the ever increasing charges for parking, this is one app which doesn’t leave any question unanswered.

In a short span of time, with 1 million plus and increasing downloads, the app is already a hit in the android bazaar. Many android app review websites have already written and praised the new and noteworthy application. The duo are spirited to make the application cover more aspects from the never ending list that will help it further enrich the metro commuter experience and in the mean time they are also working on metro lines of other cities. Their recent launch of ‘Bangalore Metro Navigator’, 'Mumbai Local Navigator' and 'Kolkata Local Navigator' adds to the list.

Partnered with HCL and Spice digital allowed the new tabs to come out with a pre-burned version of the Metro Navigator. Many more milestones to come, the duo is committed to the baseline they have started i.e., To solve the problems of common by simplifying technology.

Our Vision

To be the most respected solution provider in the IT solutions ecosystem

Anticipating and enabling change

Admired for technology, agility, innovation, business models and the quality of its talent

Our Values

Tilzmatic is focused on creating sustainable value growth through innovative solutions and unique partnerships. Our values are at the heart of our business reputation and are essential to our continued success. We foster an environment to instill these values in every facet of our organization.

• Customer first

• Good corporate citizenship

• Professionalism

• Commitment to quality

• Dignity of the individual


Our Brand Promise

We have been growing rapidly, and capturing mind-share in specific areas. Tilzmatic Tech’s brand positioning highlights the success of the company which has emerged recently. The positioning exemplifies the performance of Tilzmatic tech, as a success system, which is powering the growth of its customers and partners. 

Visionary Partners coupled with their ideas is what we believe will make us the market leaders of the new age. 

And hence,

Technology Simplified...

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